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Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventuredome visit

We had a great weekend. We took the children to the indoor adventuredome at the circus circus. One of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. I guess it is about 5 acres. We have lived here for about two years now and have yet to visit. The kids are always whining about going so they were extremely happy to hear, get ready we're going to the adventure dome. I still love taking my kids to any event on the las vegas strip because i still here ... oh my god... look at that or look at that mom. Me on the other hand hate going anywhere near the strip because of traffic, bad drivers and tons of intoxicated people on vacation. lol. well anyways we got there i ha gotten some discount passes from albertson's for 5$ off per ticket. good because the kids tickets under 48 inches were 14.95 and over 48 inches were 24.95. well with the discount our total bill came to about 110.00 with tax. not bad but the lady charged 3 of my kids the full adult price for being 49 inches. PLEASSSEE!! next time we will take off there shoes first.. just kidding!! well there were a ton of rides and fun things to do.. even a clown show. the kids rode the roller coaster even. not bad for the price. it was indoors and air conditioned but still a little muggy. I have to say it was packed in there. i had the baby in the stroller and could barley nugde through the crowd. The lines were not bad approx. 7 - 10 minute wait per ride. The food was crazy expensive. but nothing compared to disney world prices. One ride the inverter i thought the whole family was gonna vomit upside down. You sit in something similar to a pirate ship and it goes all the way around upside down and you hang for a few seconds before plummeting down. everyone was white. one lady forgot her cell in her pocket and it let's just say did not survive the fall. Overall it was a nice trip and well worth it. So if you get the chance defintley visit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mananswers show

I was very amused by the spike TV show mananswers. I was listening while cleaning and i could not believe this was a show that was really being aired. I had to say though i did stick around to see how to tell the difference between saggy girl boobs and firm ones without seeing them. It was really retatrded. But those of you who have not seen this show .. it is defintley intruging and catchy i guess.
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