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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wendy's Asian Chicken Sensations

Well tonight we were being a busy family as usual and I decided we would have a fast food dinner. I try and make it a rare occasion cause you know.. not that good for ya. We went to Wendy's. I ordered the Asian chicken sensations. I have been seeing them on TV lately and i do gotta say they looked yummy. I was very hungry after a long day so when i came home and opened up my package and saw my chicken.... I thought well these don't look as good as on TV,, which is normal.. but maybe they taste good. It kinda looked like chicken nuggets with sauce dumped over them . Well that is pretty much what they were. They were very dry inside and a little too spicy and they left me with heartburn. So give them a try if you wish but i would not recommend them.. I would like to try the buffalo one's though.. hopefully they will be better. $5.69 for the combo is what i paid.. so what could you expect?. But you could go to Panda Express and get yummy orange chicken for just as much.. you know where i will be next time i get my asian chicken cravings!!!

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